Do You Need Affordable Dent Repair After a Hail Storm?

When there is a hail storm, chunks of ice fall randomly out of the sky at many miles per hour. These pieces can strike your car and cause damage, resulting in you needing affordable dent repair. This is especially true if your car was parked on the street or in your driveway instead of a […]

Paintless Dent Repair Can Make Your Vehicle Look Brand New

Dents and dings on your vehicle can make it look pretty bad. The last thing you want to do is drive an ugly, dented car around town. No matter what type of situation caused the dents, you will not want to keep them on your car for too long. Paintless dent repair is a great […]

What You Should Know About Hail Dent Repair

Things are always going great until a big hailstorm hits; then you have a lot to worry about when it comes to the appearance of your vehicle if it’s not parked in the garage. Hail the size of golf balls can appear when a storm hits and that’s definitely not something you will want hitting […]

Get A Dent Fix From A Reputable Company In Your Area

A dent in your vehicle can turn out to be an unfortunate eyesore that you just want to get rid of. Fortunately, there is a way to fix that and get your car looking like new once again. No matter what the cause was for the dent, a professional company will be able to remove […]

How Can a Professional Dent Removal Company Be Better for Your Car?

Most people love their car and love the way it looks. So when the cosmetic exterior gets ruined or damaged, you will want to get it fixed right away. Driving a vehicle that looks nice makes the driver feel happier and more confident. If you have dents in your car due to an accident, hail […]

Why Opt For Affordable Dent Repair

Between the unpredictable weather and crowded parking lots, it may seem as if your car is a magnet for dents, dings, and hail damage. If this is the case, and you want your car to look like new again, then you have two choices. You can leave it at the body shop for a week or […]

What are my Options for Dent Repair?

Bam! You saw the cart and the path it was taking. But you were too late to stop it. Now there is a sizable dent in your car door. Besides being an eyesore, dents can reduce the value of your car. This is why so many people take their cars in to have dents fixed. […]

What to do When You Need Hail Damage Repair

The man above has a penchant for frozen drinks and likes to mix them up in some places more than others. If you find that your car has been caught in a heavenly ice shaker and is now in need of hail damage repair, you can call C&D Dent Guys. If you have a few […]

How Does Paintless Auto Dent Repair Work?

Whether the neighbor hit the baseball too hard or you did not put your car in the garage and there was a hailstorm, dings and dents are a part of owning a car. There are a number of different types of auto dent repair methods. Some of them require a bit of ingenuity on your […]

How to Remove Dents From Your Car

If you have ever walked up to your vehicle and noticed that it had a dent that was not there before, or if you have accidentally hit something and dinged your car, then you know that feeling of annoyance that comes with your second biggest purchase being damaged. However, do not fret. There are a […]

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